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30 days

I struggle with consistency. I have a list of good habits that I would like to do on a regular basis. So, I decided I would challenge myself to 30 days no matter what. I would do 3 things to introduce them as a consistent daily habit.

3 things

The three things can be anything but make them small enough that they are manageable and don’t take up all of your time. I chose:

  1. Run one mile.

  2. 10 minutes of meditation practice.

  3. 750 words written whether it’s journaling, blogging or writing short stories.

no matter what

I am on day 10. I have been consistent so far and I do not plan on quitting. What I have noticed, is different things are changing because of these three things. I am more focused. I am working out again. I feel my creativity flowing. These are just side effects of the original three things. After my first 30 days, I plan on implementing another 3 things. If you would like to join me. Fill out this contact form and I will email you and check in on you to make sure you are being consistent and to hear about what changes you make and what changes happened!! It’s super exciting!

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