What's in your Beach Bag?
Wherever you go, bring your own sunshine.

I’m a bit of a minimalist when I go to the beach. Probably because it’s usually just me and my little ones are now 25 and they can bring their own stuff. I do carry a bag in my Jeep of things I just may need. My bag contains:

  • towel

  • sunscreen- I usually don’t wear it. I believe my tan is the only sunscreen I need but this is a totally different post. The sunscreen that I keep in my bag is mineral based, no chemicals please!

  • sunglasses

  • hat- I hate to wear one but that sun gets bright and powerful in the clear water

  • book- whatever I am currently reading, I like smut for the beach

  • notebook and a pen- you know for when inspiration happens

  • business cards

  • some kind of fizzy water in a huggie to keep it cool

  • I try to leave my phone in the car most of the time

Beautiful, Blue Mountain Beach, Florida

Beautiful, Blue Mountain Beach, Florida

What’s important to you at the beach?? What’s in your beach bag?

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