Creature of Habit

I’m sitting here naked writing this blog post.  Oh, did I get your attention?  I’ll use nudity to get attention.  I have no problem with that.   Work it, work it.  

I’m a creative being.  I love to create, bring things to life.  I write, draw, paint, photograph, express myself through a myriad of ways.  I’m pretty good at bringing my dreams to life and really isn’t that what we all want?  To live our dreams.  It’s not an easy process though.  It’s frustrating sometimes.  Heart breaking other times.  But without the failures you wouldn’t even know you tried and not trying is the worst.  I don’t have any real natural talent for anything but that never stops my attempts.  I think it’s my stubborn heart and my desire for more.  So I create, I share and I keep pushing for more.

I would say my most consistent habit that has helped me grow the most is my morning routine.    My time to work on me.  I get up at the crack of dawn and work on me.  I’ve done this since I had my gym.  For a very, very long time I had to be at the gym for my 5:30am class.  In the beginning I’d get up with enough time to brush my teeth, get dressed, grab my coffee and stumble out the door.  It made me miserable.  I felt unprepared and still asleep for most of my morning.  It sucked.  So I started getting up at 4:00am.  I would write in my journal, do the gym programming, plan, dream, drink coffee and eat breakfast.  I was essentially building the frame work of my life instead of just running through it hoping my dreams would magically build themselves.  When I look back in those journals I can see it clearly.

Coffee + my journal = A good morning

Coffee + my journal = A good morning

This habit has stuck with me.  Even when I sold my world, left everyone and everything I knew to follow my heart to the beach.  I had no reason to get up early.  I had no job.  No family to take care of, my husband and boys basically live in Louisiana.  I still got up.  I wrote, I dreamed, I planned.  I created my new life.  Four years later and my world looks completely different but that thread continues to weave it’s way, designing the clothes I am destined to wear.

Do you have a morning routine? How do you start your day?

Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.