My First Year in Real Estate
The best investment on earth is earth.

— Louis Glickman

I love houses. I usually try to picture myself in all of them. Maybe that’s why I’m such a gypsy. I feel the need to live in all of them… Hmmm interesting. Well, anyway.

I’ve always had a fascination with real estate. Back in the mid 90’s Jason and I purchased Carleton H. Sheets method of making money through real estate. You know that late night infomercial?


Granted we never did anything with it but we did learn a couple things. We had no desire to take on the challenge at that time in our lives. Our boys were 3 years old and about all we could handle besides our jobs.

About seven years ago I thought about it again. Talked to some people, did a little research, I believe I started studying for the test. But, again I let it go to the wayside.

Now, here I am, one year into real estate. And, yeah, you’ve guessed it, I’m going to tell you my thoughts on it.

It’s hard. Fucking hard. Thank god I like a challenge.

I moved to the emerald coast four years ago. I kinda lucked out in the fact that with Jason’s new job he could be my sugar daddy. I always wanted a pool boy, but I suppose sugar daddy is a pretty good substitute. I’m kidding! Kinda…

I get bored pretty quickly. I had started a career as a photographer. I am by nature an entrepreneur. I like to create things and I don’t like other people telling me what to do. So there’s that. I LOVE taking pictures. I do not love shooting weddings and really to make any substantial money in a land of photographers and weddings , you kinda have to shoot weddings. So while it’s all fine and good to have a sugar daddy, I need to make money for me. And really I want to make a shit ton of money.

I was talking to Jason aka Suga D telling him that I was bored and in need of an adventure or something. He said, get a fucking job. I was like ok but I don’t want anyone telling me what to do, especially you, so this is all my idea. He said ok, whatever, but why don’t you become a realtor, then you can buy houses with other peoples money. Hmmm sounds like a good plan!

I called up Heather, who was my realtor when we bought our house six months prior, and asked if I could be her assistant. She said why don’t you talk to my broker, Jess. So, that’s what I did. We determined I’d make a better realtor than assistant so I signed up for classes immediately. I studied my butt off because I was NOT going to be that person that failed that test 43 times like that one dude. I wasn’t. I passed on my first go round then proceeded to drive exactly 35 minutes in the WRONG direction to go home. Yup, you didn’t realize I am a navigational anomaly did ya? But anyway, I guess I was too excited to realize I was driving to Mobile.

My good friend Lindsey contacted me while I was still studying to tell me she was going to buy a house and she wanted me to help her with it. How much better can it be having your first customer be your friend and lined up before you even take the test!? We found the perfect house after looking at like 400 of them. My favorite part! Like I said earlier, I love houses. We had a couple snags along the way but we got it done and now she has veggies for me that she grew in her magical garden!

In my first year, I managed to close 12 deals. They were all so very different and each one had their challenges. Like I said earlier, this shit is hard! The part I didn’t realize when I started was how rewarding of a job it is. I’ve gotten to help people realize their dreams, to expand their portfolios, to start their portfolios! Hell, I am going to start working on my portfolio soon!

I have met so many smart, driven, encouraging people in my first year. The thing I always loved about CrossFit is the feel of community across the globe. I feel that way about the realtors I have met and connected with. They are always there encouraging and teaching and I’m thankful for that. This business can be cut throat and I haven’t experienced that side of it. Yet. For that, I am grateful. I learn something new every day. In fact one of the reasons I love my brokerage so much is I’m surrounded by people that work every day to better themselves. I am in an atmosphere of growth, of challenge, of learning and of love. Pretty bad ass if you ask me!

So, if you are looking to buy or sell. I’m your girl! Or just go have beers…

Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.