Oh Nola
New Orleans, though beautiful and desperately alive, was desperately fragile. There was something forever savage and primitive there. Something that threatened the exotic and sophisticated life both from within and without. Not an inch of those wooden streets nor a brick of the crowded Spanish houses had not been bought from the fierce wilderness that forever surrounded the city, ready to engulf it. Hurricanes, floods, fevers, the plague, and the damp of the Louisiana climate itself worked tirelessly on every hewn plank or stone facade, so that New Orleans seemed at all times like a dream in the imagination of her striving populace, a dream held intact at every second by a tenacious though unconscious collective will.
— Anne Rice

I attended a real estate conference in New Orleans this past week.  I absolutely LOVE New Orleans.  It’s a city of acceptance.  Be a freak, it’s fine.  Anything goes and no one cares.  There is an under current that you can feel and it is electric.

The conference was 2 days.  It was full of people that have made a shit ton of money and not because they came from money, it was because they busted their butts, learned and grew.  They succeeded despite it. Each of their stories struck a cord for me.  They reinforced the fact that we ALL have our shit to deal with and sometimes that shit is horrendous.  They thrive despite the odds they were given.  They are fighters.  They are winners.  Life will beat you down if you let it. It’s full of lessons, full of heart ache, heart break and pain but if nothing else there it balance and that’s magic.  


The opposite of all that heartache, heart break and pain is: love.  While there are plenty of words for the balance of those things I feel love is the word that encompasses it all.  Love is the thing that evens us, that shows us the light in our personal darkness.  It is the smile of a stranger.  It is the hand reaching out to lift you up, to share their story of pain so you can connect and know it’s going to be ok.  Because, it is, it’s going to be ok, and if you want, it will be better than ok.  You know why?  It’s because within you, YOU have the power to change your situation.  To take those nuggets others have shared and use them as seeds to grow where you are weak.  Use those scars, they are your proof of life, lived. Of healing and lessons learned.

Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.