Why I'm bald-Alopecia Awareness Month
Use all weakness as strength and everything shifts.

Use all weakness as strength and everything shifts.

I posted on Facebook about September being Alopecia Awareness month and to tell a little of my story about being a bald woman..  I realize how many people are just completely unaware of Alopecia, even those with a certain degree of it.

 I spent five years learning about it, how to fix it, trying everything but never figuring it out.  What I found was acceptance was the best and easiest fix.  If I don't give a fuck, then why should anyone else?  

So bald it is.  


I always had long hair.  I wasn't allowed to cut it until I was in 6th grade!  

I always had long hair.  I wasn't allowed to cut it until I was in 6th grade!  

I was 35 years old and one day I was putting my long hair up into the usual pony tail when I noticed the sides of my head, over my ears, looked weird. Upon further inspection I had not only bald space above my ears but a large circle on the back of my head. My stomach sank.

What in the world is happening?

I knew nothing of Alopecia. A quick google search had me in tears. I was losing my hair. My husband and friends could never see me bald! I'd be a freak! My world was changing and after 8 years of this I can tell you my entire sense of self changed.



Being a bald woman is a very strange thing. People don't understand it. It's rare to see it and if you do the assumption is you are sick. You have cancer. I am faced with this assumption EVERY time I am in public.

I am a very approachable person. I have a huge smile on my face 99% of the time and so people find it very easy to talk to me and ask me questions. Luckily I don't mind. Granted sometimes it gets old, but I am happy to educate people on Alopecia and my journey through it. 

Alopecia is a painless auto immune disease that affects your hair follicle. Basically your immune system decides to attack your hair and it falls out. It ranges from little circles to the entire body. Being that this disease is painless and non-life threatening there is little research money in finding a cure. To some it is devastating and that's how I initially viewed it but with the love and support of my friends and more specifically my husband, I now view it as a strength. This has led me to being a more confident woman in all aspects of my life plus hair is just a pain in the ass.

September is Alopecia Awareness month. Hopefully I have made you a little more aware. Feel free to ask any questions!  Comments welcome! <!!

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