Leah's Lunches with Locals ~ Josh Foy
A bold success is half-attempt.
— Danish Proverb

The first time I met Josh, I was coaching at Evolve. I learned I could push him. He didn’t like it but he responded by stepping up his game. Some people do not like to be pushed and push back. Josh didn’t push back against me, although I know he cussed me quite often, he pushed back against the task at hand. I can tell this is how he lives his life. When a challenge pushes him, he pushes back harder to beat it.

We decided on Sushimoto to have our lunch. Why you may ask? Well, because sushi is life and Andy makes the best.

Josh moved to the area because of his uncle who has been in the area for over 25 years. He saw a great opportunity and has been telling Josh since he was 13 that he needed to come here and start investing in property. While 13 is a little young to get into investing he finally listened and moved his family to the area 5 years ago.

Josh and his wife Jess own and operate Crystal Beach Rentals. They are a boutique management company specializing in large properties with private pools. They enjoy keeping their company small, taking on only clientele that want the extra touch they provide. Many of their clients have multiple properties that Josh oversees and is always looking to help them grow their portfolios. He has a 100% retention rate. When you do what you do well, it shows with loyal clientele.

His website is vacationdestinfl.com check him out if you are looking for a property manager that goes the extra mile.

Josh and his wife Jess are very involved with Destiny Worship Center. In fact Jess works for them running their marketing department. Being so involved with the church, they see all the good the church does for our community. The church helps those right here in our own backyard. From huge hurricane relief efforts to back to school supplies and backpacks for the kids that truly need it. Helping to lift our community up is what they are all about.

I’m so happy they chose to move their family here and I consider them my friends. They are truly good people.

Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.