Morning Meditation

I can tell when I need to get out in nature, when I need to hear the waves and feel the sand or wander in the woods and listen to the birds, possibly stumble onto something beautiful.  I was feeling anxious and angry and maybe a little bit sad so decided to get up before the sun rose in the sky and go sit on the beach and meditate for a bit.  Before the crowds and the noise.  That time when the sky turns pink with promise of the day.  I opened my blanket and plopped down onto it and watched as the colors started filling the my view.  Turquoise ocean, pink and blue sky.  A water color forming in front of me.  There was a great blue heron taking in the view along side me.  He seemed to stare out at the ocean as if he was meditating as well.  I know he was probably searching for fish but whatever, it fits my story better this way.  An hour later I was feeling refreshed and peaceful.  Right about the time some kid in one of the beach houses started screaming for his mother.  I knew it was time for me to leave.  I packed up and went in search for some coffee.


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