I’m going to preface this post with my love of Joe Rogan.  He’s funny and smart and always trying to improve upon himself.  I admire him and if he says try something I’m going to.  This is where I got my first information on float tanks or sensory deprivation tanks.


I have this deep rooted fear of Alzheimer's Disease.  I watched my great grandmothers decline and eventual demise from this horrendous disease. 1 in 4 of us will develop this and die from it.  They have little understanding of it let alone a cure.  I find myself foggy and forgetful and it scares the shit out of me.  I’ve started taking steps to try to clear my brain fog.  I of course exercise, I am eating really well, doing brain games and taking supplements.  Meditation is also recommended.


Meditation has always eluded me.  I can’t seem to slow my brain down or sit still long enough for this to happen.  I’ve tried different apps, taking walks, being in nature, a peaceful brain still eludes me.  I find it very difficult to get out of my head so I thought 90 minutes with no outside stimulation,  just me and my brain and body maybe I could calm it down and find that peaceful place.


The tank

The tank

Let me first say The Float Brothers are great guys, super nice and very personable.  They have a great space, especially for just opening up, there are always kinks to work out.  They have 3 rooms with the tanks, each one with a different theme, not that that really matters you can’t see anything once your in the tank.  The tank is larger than I expected.  Once inside I could stretch completely out arms overhead.  I am not short and have monkey arms so it's plenty big enough.  I have some issues with claustrophobia so I was a little worried about that.  You can always leave the lid open but I think that takes away from the experience so I sucked it up and went with it.  After I showered I climbed in the tank, shut the lid and turned out the inside light.  I laid back and it took me a bit to realize how buoyant I actually was.  There is something like twice as much salt as in the Dead Sea.  The first thing I noticed was the humidity made the air thick.  This did not help with my feeling of claustrophobia but being the stubborn woman I am I was NOT going to open the lid until it was over.  I just focused on my breathing and relaxing my muscles.  The first 30 minutes(I am totally guessing here since you lose all sense of time) consisted of me getting used to the tank, breathing and purposefully relaxing my muscles.  I would get the sudden urge to stretch and I would, I rolled my shoulders and just stretched my body.  It was amazing.  Pains I was unaware of surfaced and dissipated.  I could feel myself sinking deeper into relaxation.  I never fell asleep but I felt I was floating on the line.  Unfortunately I was hit with waves of nausea they would come and go which apparently is not a regular occurrence so hopefully next time that wont happen.  I got really thirsty and luckily they have a bottle of water there for you.  I found it very easy to float back into the relaxed state after I drank water.  90 minutes felt like forever yet it went by really fast.  I know that makes no sense but the thing with the tank is you have no senses.  Time is slow and fast, you can’t see or hear and the tank is your body temperature so the line between air and water and body is blurred.  


I still was not able to mediate or maybe I did and I just didn't know I was doing it.  I do know that I was completely relaxed and getting out of the tank was a task and it took me a bit to come back.  I feel very calm right now and at peace.  I do not recommend driving home 30 minutes through a torrential down pour after your float though.  It kinda ruins the mood.

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