A Drive to the End of The Earth

If you have never just gotten in the car and drove with no real destination in mind, I suggest you do.  You never know what you will see or where you will end up. 

Jason and I do this from time to time and we always end up at a place that seems to be the end of the earth.  A place of quiet and of desolation.  This day we ended up in Venice, Louisiana.  So far away yet a reminder of home, the marshes of Dorchester county and back roads through had me envisioning the eastern shore of Maryland and our explorations there.  

It’s a lonely road to Venice, flanked with trailers and double wides up on stilts and cinder blocks.  The remnants of houses that existed before Katrina dotting the landscape, nature slowly taking the plots of land back, vines cracking the cement foundations in search of sunlight.  Huge tanker ships halfway visible beyond the berm working to hold back the mighty Mississippi.  Industry clogging the landscape, it’s cold, loud machinery working and polluting the silence.  Fishing boats filling the marinas and birds filling the sky.  It's a beautiful yet sad place but the birds don't seem to mind.

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