Well, I’m back at it, painting every surface in the house.  I like to paint.  I know I’m weird but there is such a feeling of accomplishment once it’s done.  A visual smorgasbord of your hard messy work.  I have finally finished painting all of the plywood floors.  That task took me way longer than I expected.  It was mostly procrastination at play here because once I got rolling (literally), I was done in an hour.  The hard part was moving all of my shit out of the way and actually that wasn’t as hard as I made it out to be.  There’s a lesson here.  We make up these stories of how things are going to go before they actually happen.  We tend to expect the worst.  We put off getting shit done because it’s going to be hard or time consuming blah blah blah.  Once you get started things tend to flow.  So the lesson—get your shit started.

I am very happy with how the floors turned out.  The high traffic areas i.e. where Sophie tracks in dirt from my swampy yard but that’s a whole new post, are wearing nicely and you can see it when I mop.  They are looking just like the cottage floor I envisioned.  White was probably not the best idea now knowing that I bought swamp land but what the hell, I love it.

Before I finished painting the office floor I had to start another project and paint the guest bathroom floor.  You see I have to have several unfinished projects going at once.  A list of things that need my attention while I sit there and FaceBook.  I like that nagging of unfinishedness, I know it’s not a word, I guess.  I HATE the linoleum floors in this place.  They are stained and ugly.  But, I don’t see myself laying tile, I am TERRIBLE at math, and Jason has been here a total of two weeks in five months so I don’t see tile anytime soon.  So armed with my paint brush I primed and painted the floor.  Oh My God!  I love it!  It turned out so great!  My bathroom and the kitchen are next on the list for paint.


While I was at it I painted the front porch.  I have awesome shutters that I am in the process of repairing and painting.  Another one of those unfinished projects.  The porch is plain salt treated lumber, worn and looking like shit.  One day there will be a nice front porch but in the mean time it needed a little Florida splash.  It is the Beach Hoose after all.  Now it looks so damn cute!  Once I get my shutters on and window boxes full of flowers hung I’m just going to love it.

My little beach house is coming along nicely.  Of course now I want to move closer to the beach and my gym so…

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