Headed Back

It’s the car rides that get me.  Sitting still for hours on end not only makes my ass hurt it makes me a little crazy.  Ryan and I decided to head down at 3:30am.  Drew and I did this the trip before and we arrived when it was still light outside and it made the worst part, the end of the drive, more tolerable.  10pm the night before we were to leave we changed our mind and left at 10am instead.  I think this was a better choice.  Since we would be pulling a covered trailer behind us I knew it would slow us down and since I can’t even back my car up properly I knew I wouldn’t be driving.  It was all on Ryan.  We got as far as Santee, South Carolina.  At this point it was getting dark.  We were hungry.  I’d had enough, Ryan had had enough and Sophie had had enough.  It was time to stop.  And there it was.  A pet friendly Holiday Inn with a parking lot big enough for the trailer in walking distance to the beer store.  Yes!  It’s like the clouds parted and a giant ray of sunshine shown down on that Holiday Inn.  I love when that happens.


Sophie used to love to ride in the car.  She went to the gym with me every day.  One day she vomited in the car and refused to go anywhere after that.  I knew 16 hours in the truck was going to be hard for her.  She panted, drooled and just wouldn’t relax.  Stand up, lay down, pant, pant, drool.  Poor girl.  I think she was just as happy about the Holiday Inn as we were.  


We settled in, ordered some burgers from room service, drank some beers and I got to work on Lee Lee’s maternity shoot.  If you haven’t seen the pictures head over and look at Lee Lee's gallery.  What a beautiful family!  I’m a sucker for a big belly.  Unfortunately, I am one of those people that have to touch a pregnant belly.  So, sorry about that.  


Morning arrived and we were all back in the truck, at least it’s a shorter drive today.  Jena told me a week or so before to listen to a podcast named Serial.  While we were at the hotel I downloaded the whole series, 12 of them I think.  We turned them on and instantly we were hooked!  OMG they are so good! They made the second leg of the drive so much more tolerable.  So much that we considered slowing down so we could get another episode in.  Not really, but really.  Listen to it.  It’s that good.  


Anyway, we arrived!  On the ride down we learned of this hurricane, tropical storm or bitch named Erica that was headed to Florida.  Most of the models showed it headed for the east coast but a couple showed it hitting the panhandle.  Great.  Now I had to go the store and stock up my hurricane pantry(I don’t really have a hurricane pantry but I guess I should have one).  Beer.  Lots of beer and I guess some bottled water and canned goods just in case.  My cart full, I wander to check out get in the shortest line and the bag boy, really an old man so I shouldn’t call him boy, is mouthing to me to run.  Find another line.  I don’t understand until I see it.  50 cans of Axe spray on the conveyor belt a cart full of other products and a fist full of coupons.  UGH.  An extreme couponer!  If I can give you one piece of advice, do NOT get in line behind one of these people.  So I just cracked a beer and waited my turn.  Not really but wouldn’t that be fun.


P.S.  The storm never came.  She turned into rain which we never got.  At least I have a hurricane pile now.  One day it will be a pantry.

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