It’s been a while since I have lifted any significant weights, two weeks maybe a little more.  So, yesterday I pulled my barbell and bumper plates out and I did a wod(work out of the day) with deadlifts and dus(double unders).  It felt so good to be doing something and to be lifting heavy.  I absolutely love lifting.  It makes me feel capable and that’s a good feeling. I woke up this morning and I was a little sore.  Not like wall ball sore, there is no other sore like wall ball sore.  They make me waddle like a duck.  Stupid exercise.  Anyway I decided to tackle an outside project.  I woke up to a chilly morning, like 60 degrees and a down right glorious day.  I opened all the windows and set my sights outside.


Looking at these pics reminds me of how much there is to do to this house.  Step by step.

There was a paver wall that ran along the front of the house containing what was a pretty pathetic garden.  A couple bayberry bushes, a couple crepe myrtles and a teeny tiny rosebush.  I hate straight lines mainly because I can’t draw them but there really isn't much by the way of straight lines in nature.  Nature is curvy and sexy.  Curves please the eye, gives them a place to wander along.  So I started dismantling the wall and carrying the pavers to the backyard, up over the shit mound and to the spot I was going to build a fire pit.  Guessing I think the pavers weight about 20 pounds a piece maybe a little less, either way I could only carry two at a time.  I made 8 trips and I was sweating and breathing heavy.  Talk about functional fitness.  I really enjoy manual labor but, this was going to take me FOREVER so I sent my new neighbor Grace a text asking if she had a wagon or cart of some sort to make my work a little faster.  Well, she showed up with her husband Matt and their lawn mower with a cart on the back!  Yes!  We loaded up the cart three times and they were all moved.  He even killed a spider for me.  Talk about good neighbors!

After we built the fire pit I had a bunch left over so I decided to do a little ring around the garden.  I’m not exactly happy with it but I think once there are flowers in there it won’t be as obvious.  I also want to do a little patio with flag stones.  One step at a time…

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