Having two babies at the same time makes it difficult to spend time with just one child.  Most of their lives they were lumped together.  Two peas in a pod.  I always tried to give them their own identities, make them have different classrooms and teachers in school.  Be individuals.  The twin thing would always be there but they were to be Ryan and Drew first, twins second.  The majority of their life they spent with each other.  Even if they got in a fight and hated each other within minutes they were back together like nothing happened.  Then Ryan decided to go to Piney Point.  To become an engineer on ships.  To leave for extended periods of time.  This was the first time they would be separate for any decent amount of time.  After a year Drew decided on the same journey.  Their decision took them away for months at a time.  One would be home while the other gone and vice versa.  I think this allowed Jason a lot of time to bond with them as adults.  They all have the same hobbies.  Boy stuff.  I was always left to my own devices.  Of course I was invited but I’m not real big on hunting and working on jeeps or building boats so I built my CrossFit.  I have to say I was a little jealous of all their time together but none of them wanted to do what I do so I only got them all together at dinner time.  


Buying this house and fixing it up has given me my time with my boys, separately.  Drew and I came down first and now Ryan and me.  I’ve gotten to spend 10 plus days alone with each one.  It’s been my favorite part of this whole adventure.  I have learned so much about them in these spans of days.  They are fun and funny, responsible and capable.  They can trouble shoot a problem and fix it.  They have grown up into men and it makes me incredibly proud of them.  I couldn’t imagine them being any better.  That may be momma talking but it’s true.  They just need to learn the joy of shorts and flip flops, god their legs and feet are white, almost the same color as the sand.

Built by Hoose and love.

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