The floors are going down.  They are looking great.  I love the grain pattern from the pine.  My initial plan was to paint them completely white.  I am rethinking that plan and I think I am going to white wash them so the grain shows through.  I’ll have to do some experimenting with some of the scrap pieces.  I’ll be sure to take pics of my experiments.  

Speaking of painting I finally got the bathrooms painted.  I painted mine first.  It’s a dark grey and I just love it.  It really makes everything stand out.  The floor is going to be white tile.  Shiny white tile and I’m thinking of some sort of mandala in front of the tub.  I want to cover that awful laminate that surrounds the tub with bead board.  I also have this old dresser that was in my massage room for years, cut holes for the sinks and turn it into the bathroom vanity.  It’s going to look amazing! The brown hutch is now my linen closet since closets are kinda scarce around here.

Then I moved on to the second bathroom.  I bought this great shower curtain at Target.  It is very nautical and more boyish than the flowery one in my bathroom.  It has a stripe of coral across the top and when I was at Lowes picking out paint they had a chip that looked like that color.  I brought it home and it matched perfectly.  I couldn’t find rugs that color to save my life.  Just ask Stephanie.  She was lucky enough to be in Target at the same time I was struggling matching rugs.  Anyway, it’s pretty bold but it looks great!  Pretty pleased with myself.

I wasn't sure about blueberry beer but that was pretty tasty.

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