I’d rip my hair out, if I had any, before I pull up flooring again.  Our first trip down I ripped out carpeting and padding and about a million fucking staples.  One million.  I believe staples were invented by the devil and whoever stapled this shit down was his minion.  After all that I thought I was done with staples.  After all, why would you staple under laminate flooring?  Deep down in my soul I knew better and I was right!  Why do I always have to be right?  UGH.  I knew this because walking on the laminate was like walking on a water bed.  You see, under the laminate was foam then carpet padding.  Stapled carpet padding.  Then glued down linoleum.  Then everything sprinkled with dirt and life funk.  Gross.  I’m better now that all the staples have been hammered down and my new flooring is going down.  

Sophie is so very helpful as you can see.


 I think Pinterest is great.  I love it.  When I was a teenager, you know loooong before the internet, and in my 20’s, I’d always clip the pictures of the things I wanted in my life.  I had folders full of pictures from magazines.  Kind of like a dream board, only it was dream folders.  I want a lot I guess.  But now there is Pinterest now so I’ve just moved my folders there.  I also have a cork board for the big things.  I look at it every day.  Well, not lately because it’s in Maryland and I’m in Florida.  That’s changing though.


Anyway that was quite a tangent.  Back to the floor.  We bought 30 sheets of pine plywood we were going to have Lowes cut into 8inch strips to use as floor boards to which they replied “what?” and “fuck no.”.  They didn’t really say that but I swear that’s what I heard.  Plan B.  Ryan gets to cut it.  Poor Ryan.  He only screwed up the first 5 or so sheets then he changed blades, the initial one was warped.  Smooth sailing after that.  


So here we are in the middle of this mess and we have decided we are going to the beach.  After all, that is why we moved here.  Right?

Yes.  This.  Is.  Why.

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