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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Leah VanHooseComment

One of the many stipulations on my list for buying a house in Florida, was there had to be a yard big enough for gardens.  Flowers and veggies.  I am a nature fiend and I want it surrounding me.  I love to be outside.  It is where I am the majority of my time.  I am actually outside right now writing this.  I am inspired by nature and the symphony of it all captivates me.  

Yesterday Ryan and I got started on yard work.  I had my loppers and Ryan was armed with a weed whacker and we went on a rampage.  The yard has been neglected for years and we decided to take it back.  We worked for about 10 hours cutting and trimming, whacking and mowing.  Now I’m sitting here on the back steps visualizing my backyard oasis.  I have big plans.  I usually do.  Without visualizing it how can you have it.  You must see what you want, believe you have it then get to work making it real.  As I sit here I see, a screened in porch, a vegetable garden and flowers everywhere.  Oh yeah, and there is a swimming pool.  You see it too don’t you?  Cannon baaaaaaaall!


Sitting here visualizing I notice my ankles are itching like crazy.  Fuck. I have poison ivy.  Poison ivy and I have a hate hate relationship.  We have a long sordid history.  One that I’d prefer not to repeat or even think about.  We go a long way back.  6th grade…

A neighbor decided the best way to clear brush was to burn it.  We as kids loved the fire, watched it, poked it, hung out around it.  It was the most exciting thing going on that week.  Well, that brush was mostly poison ivy.  I woke up the next morning with little blisters starting to swell my eyes shut.  The shit was in my nose, my mouth, starting to go down my throat.  It was HORRIBLE.  Mom had to take me to the Dr where I got a steroid shot, which to me, at the time, was worse than the poison.  I’ll tell you about my problem with needles on another post.  Needles to say I didn’t go to school for a week and of course as soon as I got back to school looking like Freddie Kruegar it was picture day.  Fabulous.  I’d show you the pictures but I’m in Florida the pics are in Maryland and my Mother is NOT computer savvy at all.  In fact she sent me her first text message just last week.  I couldn’t figure out what it said but she was very proud of herself.  

Also, if you ever have to pee in the woods, make sure that you do not do it anywhere near poison ivy.  Ever.  Poison on your hooha is a very miserable experience.  Trust me on that one.  


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