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Not So Shitty

Leah VanHooseComment

I'm home.  Drew and I locked up the shack and headed for good ol Maryland around 5:30am yesterday, 6:30 Maryland time.  We rolled down our drive at about 11pm.  God that's a long, long, LONG drive.  I sang, Drew loved it, not really but at least he pretends to.  Well, not really but whatever.  I sang and cussed.  For some reason driving brings out the rage in me and traffic makes it worse.  When it is bumper to bumper as far as the eye can see, jockeying for a position two cars in front of me causing them to slam on their brakes is NOT going to get you any farther ahead, you jack ass.  Sorry I had to get it out.  I'm better.  

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, pulling into the drive at 11pm.  Jason was happy to see us, he even made us pizza!  I love that man.  Sophie couldn't contain herself running in circles and wagging her tail so hard she fell over.  At some point I had Simon on my lap, Sophie next to me on the sofa and Hank the asshole at my feet.  I believe the fur babies were happy to see me.  Ahhhh home.

I was a little sad to leave the shack but I was more happy to go home.  Home is where the love is and one day that love will all be at the shack so until then it's the best vacation destination I can think of.

Drew and I accomplished what we set out to do, make the shit shack not so shitty.  It's officially not that shitty.  Woot!  We still have a long way to go and I of course have big plans.  Floors and a new roof are next on the agenda then a porch.  One step at a time.


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