Started painting the kitchen cabinets yesterday.  Almost immediately, I thought to myself, why the hell did you start this now??  My lord I didn't realize the amount to work it was going to be and oil based paint stinks.  I think I've been high since I started.  I recommend a well ventilated area to work and sleep for that matter.

The cabinets were a lovely faux wood laminate.  I want them shiny and white.  I always get what I want, unfortunately most times I don't realize the amount of work I'm going to have to do to get what I want.  Oh well, it's only time and in the end I will have what I want.  Shiny white cabinets.


Drew and I started by pulling all the laminate bull shit off the cabinets doors, it went so smoothly I couldn't believe it.  I started painting the doors.  I don't have a bench to work on so we put plastic on the floor, set the doors on books I just bought at the Goodwill(can't pass up books) and went to town.  The doors look amazing, well the six that I had room for, only 18 more to do.  UGH.  Left to dry and started on the cabinets.  Let me tell you, particle board is the devil and sucks up paint like a sieve.  Do sieves suck paint?  What is a sieve exactly?  Well, anyway I spent the next four hours doing that and that was just one coat on the top cabinets.  Fuck me.

We decided to clean up and go to dinner since there would be no cooking with plastic lining all the counter tops and frankly I didn't feel like doing anything but sit there and be served nice cold beers.

Today I will continue.  I just hope I am done by Sunday.

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