The shit shack is transforming right before my eyes and I couldn’t be happier!  I have to admit I came into this project feeling a bit apprehensive.  Without Jason on this trip I wasn’t sure if Drew and I had the capabilities to get everything done that I wanted/needed done.  Well, I have to say we are killing it!  There really hasn’t been anything we haven’t been able to do.  The goal was to make it livable and comfortable.  I think by the end of this week it will be right there!


We started painting yesterday and it is making a HUGE difference!  I can’t get over how good it looks.  I love the color so far.  Kitchen and laundry room are on the schedule for today.  It feels a little more like my beach shack everyday.  

I was standing in one of the rooms I was painting yesterday and was suddenly flooded with thanks and appreciation for my life.  I’ve always done what my heart calls me to do and I am blessed with a husband and boys, well, I guess they are technically men but they will always be my boys, that allow me my wishes.  They have never once held me back, in fact they push me when I get to the edges of my comfort zone, when I hesitate.  Dreams are only life waiting for you to make them happen.  I’m lucky enough to have a family that supports dreams.  And quite frankly why wouldn’t you want to live in my dream world?  It’s pretty fucking fun.

Ok, back to The Shack as I have now started calling it since it’s not really shitty any more.  Drew and I will be leaving on Sunday, and this go round will be over.  Hopefully we can come back in September, Jason in tow and we can conquer the floors, some landscaping and fingers crossed a deck on the back. 

Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.