Entering the Shit Shack

Ahhh yesterday.  I can think about it wistfully now, but yesterday I was about to crawl out of my skin.   This is the third time I've been on this road trip in less than 4 months.  It's long.  Really long, I could never be a truck driver.  Ever.  

Drew and I were loaded up, the truck looking like the Clampets,  Drew said he had no idea who they were.  Way to make me feel old kid, thanks.  We hit the road at 3:30 in the morning hoping to get there while it was still light outside.  17 hours later after smooth sailing until south Georgia where we ran into a standstill on 95 South and had a torrential down pour on top of us.  I hope the vaccume still works...

The goal was to get to the house, unload, turn on the AC(which we had inspected and they said it worked.  It didn't) back to the hotel and sleep.  Goal accomplished!!  Well, the AC thing not so much.  Sleep was GOOD!  Hotels are great for the comforts of home when you are away, and for forgotten tooth brushes.  

Home sweet home!!  

Home sweet home!!  

Today our goal is to make it so we can sleep in the shack.  There is so much to do to make this happen.  I don't want to spend the money on another night in the hotel(as nice as it is).  I'd rather buy new stuff for the shack.  

Our list:

~ get the AC working

~ buy appliances, have them delivered and installed

~ pull up carpet and weird floating flooring.  It feels like you are walking on a water bed.  So weird.

~ CLEAN.  Wait until you see the dead bugs everywhere.  I swear they are as big as my hand.  Ok, I may or may not be exaggerating a little here, but they are HUGE!

~ buy mattresses and have them delivered or pick them up

This all has to happen today.  Wish us luck...

Please don't judge our appearance.  We just drove 17 hours for shits sake.

Please don't judge our appearance.  We just drove 17 hours for shits sake.

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