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Remembering Dreams

Leah VanHooseComment


I once had dreams.  

I made them true.  

Then I didn't dream for a long time.  

I felt I was in a fog.  



Day to day mundaneness with nothing to drive me on.  I closed my eyes and saw nothing.  Not even that quick flicker of vision that you try to hold onto but when you do it slips like sand through your fingers.  The tighter you squeeze the more pushes out into the fog.

We all exist only in our own heads.  

We are who we think we are.  

We act as we want to act.  

We say what we want to say.  

Circumstance happens because we place ourselves in them.  Our choices determine it.  Most times we move through life without conscious thought.  Mindless movement.  Sometimes I don't even remember the drive from point A to point B.  I do it automatically.  

Forward Upward Onward Together

Forward Upward Onward Together

I'm changing direction and starting to dream again.  I can feel the shift happening and I don't mind it a bit.  Excitement and adventure come with dreams.  The chase is where the fun resides.

Don't let life become mundane and automatic.  

Dream a little dream with me.

Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.