Bulky and bossy.  

Bossy and bulky.  

I have been called both.  

Mainly by my husband and this was before I started CrossFit.  I just think CrossFit has enhanced these characteristics in me.  I say enhanced because these are NOT bad words.  

Growing up I was SKINNY.  My dear friend Tommy McNeal referred to me as skinny legs since kindergarten.  Jerk.  I shot up 6 inches one summer and my feet grew 4 sizes.  To say I was awkward would be on point.  

I hated it.  

I drank protein drinks, went on gain weight diets and nothing helped me and my skinny legs.  It wasn't until I had my boys did I finally start gaining weight.  Now I can't seem to stop.  Thanks kids.

I have always thought muscle was sexy.  Not body builder muscle but nice defined, strong muscle.

 It's sexy because confidence comes with strong muscle and confidence is sexy as fuck.

Until I found CrossFit I was wandering around the gym using the circuit machines, running and basically not knowing what I was doing.  When I found CrossFit no one told me that CrossFit makes you bulky because when I found CrossFit, no one knew what CrossFit was.  I just knew it made me feel my muscles I could feel them growing and getting stronger and I liked it.

People can put a negative spin on rainbows and unicorns if you let them.  If you consider strong muscles and mind negative than CrossFit is not for you.  

Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.