Kojak Fit and Gas Stations

I stayed.  I stayed here in South Florida.  There is ice and snow waiting for me at home so it can wait a bit longer.  I knew 4 days away wasn't enough but it was something so I jumped and when it was close to being over I decided to stay for a bit longer and my plans fell into place.

I don't mind being alone.  I actually like it, but usually alone is alone in the room, not the world.   It's a strange feeling to know you are on your own.  Currently here in The Keys I am alone in the world, I know I have Facebook and Jason at home, but it's just not the same.  

I drop Lori off at the airport, in our rush to get her there in time we neglect to put gas in the car.  We pull up to the gate, the car chiming empty 3 miles before.   My phone battery is on 12% and I am terrible with direction.

 I get lost in the mall for shits sake.  

I'll admit it, I'm a bit nervous to think I could be stranded on the side of the road, bumper to bumper traffic, no cell phone, no Jason.  Every little bump in the road I think it's the engine begging for fuel about to shudder and die as I grip the wheel tighter and tighter, playing crazy scenarios though my head of me dead in South Florida because running out of gas means I die right?  Well, I'm here to tell you I don't die.  I find an exit Hollywood Boulevard!  Yes, I'm still in Florida, I didn't get that lost.  Thank god!  Traffic creeps and I'm stuck at the stop light.  Where is a gas station???  I see it.  It could have been bathed in neon it shone so brightly.

I get out to pump gas, put in my card and it asks for my pin.  It's a credit card so I don't have a pin.  

Go see the attendant it tells me, so I do.  

A young guy in a wife beater and baby blue shorts holds the door for me.  He tells me to keep getting tatted up, that I was cool and to fuck normal as he strides away.  

I smile and walk to the counter.  Bourku is behind the counter.  I only know his name because he has a Miami Heat cheerleader poster signed to him above the counter and I assume it's to him.  

He tells me I am much prettier than Kojak, you know the bald guy with the lollipop?  At first I'm a bit confused, he doesn't seem a bit interested in my plight with the credit card machine and utter lack of gas in my tank, he's just focused on my bald head.  I tell him what I need and I scan my card.  While we wait for approval he asks how much I save on hair care products.  I reply that I don't know, maybe $200 a year, he doesn't think that's enough, $400 at least.  

My card declines, not sure why but I better check on that today.  So I go fetch some cash.  I pay him $40 and go pump.  The tank holds $37.  I consider leaving the $3 for my new Indian friend but I don't since my card is not working and I just extended my stay 5 days.  

I know $3 isn't going to make or break me but it would make me feel better.  

I wait for my change while the Fed Ex guy in front of me pays for his pile of junk food.  He gets a lottery ticket and I decide that's what I'll get with my $3.  I figure it might get me further than the actual $3 and I have an Island to buy but that's another story for after I win.  

Bourku asks if I have ever been to India, I tell him no but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it.  He tells me when I win he and I will go, with our families of course.  

Life is all about adventure he tells me.  

I tell him I know and that I'm on an adventure right now.  He nods and says that's good.  He asks what I do and I tell him I own a gym.  He looks me up and down and says that makes sense.  He says I should rebrand and become Kojak Fit.  My tag line:  No lollipops.  Sugar is bad.  He says the rebranding is because people like new and exciting.  

To stray from normal.  

There is that fuck normal thing again.

I laugh and wish him well, get back in the car for the long drive ahead.  

Maybe I'll win the lottery.  

When I do I will send him and his family back home for a visit, and maybe I'll go too.

Interaction with others makes life rich.  Put down your phone, look up and smile, it welcomes new people into your world and then you never feel alone.

Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.