Angels on Earth

The wings of angels are often found on the backs of the least likely people. ~Eric Honeycutt

Many angels have flitted in and out of my life, swooping in to save me.  I got to thinking about them yesterday and how much help they have given me along the way.  Here are a couple of them.

My first cross country trip.  Alone.  I was 19, just married and looking for a little adventure.  Jason had enlisted with the air force and was in San Antonio, Texas for basic training.  I was bored and missing him so I decided to take the three day drive and go for a visit.  I loaded up my Volkswagen Fox with my new bumper sticker scored at one of the last Dead shows before Jerry died.  1000x1000

I was off.  I had my route mapped out in yellow highlighter on the huge road map next to me, the radio blaring but me singing a little bit louder. Excited and not in the least bit nervous.  I drove all day and at about 12 in the morning I was in the mountains of Tennessee.  It was cold and it was really dark and I had a flat tire.  Ok, now I was a bit nervous.  I got out my can of fix a flat and pumped up my tire.  I made it another 10 miles before it went flat again.  So here I was with a flat tire in the middle of the mountains in the middle of the night and it was cold!   Great.  There was hardly any traffic except the big rigs flying past me.  As soon as was getting out of the car to go change the tire one of the rigs pulled in behind me.  He got out of his truck and told me to get back in my car and he would change my tire for me.  I couldn't believe it.  He told me he had a little sister and he hoped someone would do the same for her.  I offered to buy him a cup of coffee.  He refused, changed the tire, shut the trunk, wished me luck, got back in his rig and disappeared down the road.

A couple years later, we were stationed in Grand Forks,  North Dakota.  I had given birth to twin boys and they were about 6 months old.  We decided it was "easier" for me to fly by myself with the boys to visit the grandparents.  The trip home was pretty uneventful but I found most people tried to help me in anyway they could to get me to the next gate, off the plane etc.  My angel appeared on the flight home.  It was a miserable stormy day and we ended up sitting on the tarmac in Baltimore for over an hour.  The boys started screaming and the poor guy in the seat next to me looked pretty miserable.  A lady from the front of the plane offered to hold one baby for me and I quickly offered him up since I knew she wasn't going anywhere and frankly at that point I would have paid her to take him.FullSizeRender

The plane eventually took off the delay causing us to miss our connecting flight.  I started to freak.  I had no money left, not enough extra diapers, formula or food for myself and no way to pay for a hotel for the night.  The pilot heard my plight, paid for my hotel, bought diapers, formula and my dinner.  The poor guy that was stuck next to me on the flight helped me get to the hotel shuttle, missed his shuttle waiting for mine and saw to it I got on the shuttle safely before waiting even longer for his to come back around.  We got on our connecting flight the next morning and to Jason waiting for us.

It had rained a considerable amount in a short period of time.  The stream behind our house was swollen with rain water.  The boys were down at the tree fort at the part of the stream that flowed under the road via a culvert pipe.  Not thinking anything Drew stepped onto what he thought was solid earth but it was nothing but debris rushing in the water and collecting at the culvert.  He was immediately pulled under the water.  Ryan grabbed onto his brother holding him.  His face was submerged and the water rushing so hard it pulled his pants and under pants clean off his body.  The rebar rusted and broken allowing him passage into the pipe.  Ryan was screaming losing his grip on his brother Drew still submerged in the water.  Our neighbor Dan was getting ready to leave when he heard Ryan's screams.  Running to find them he pulled Drew out of the water and carried him home.  In the emergency room they cleaned up Drew's cuts and bruises, made sure there was no water in his lungs and sent him home.

While some of my angels may not have saved my life they certainly helped make it better and possibly saved it.  I owe a lot to Dan.  He saved Drew's life, no doubt.  He will always be an angel to me.

Angel in the clouds.

You never know when your angels will appear.  Acknowledge them, thank them and keep on keeping on.

Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.