Underwear and Blowing Wind

I'm a giver.  A sucker for charity.  I do races, fundraiser, food drives and I've even "adopted" a child from Africa to whom I send $30 each month.  I don't have much in the way of money but I do have more than the majority of the worlds poor so I share.  I can't help everyone but I do my best to help who I can.  I can give up having breakfast out 3 times per month and give it to someone who doesn't have life's basic necessities. Today I was supposed to run around our nations capital in my underwear.  For the past three years I have braved Februarys cold, stripped down to my under things and raised money for kids and their fight against cancer.  I was going to continue my tradition but Mother nature has decided to put a halt to the run.  I still managed to raise almost $650 but I will not travel across the Bay Bridge.  With winds up to 50 or so miles per hour and wind chills dipping into the negatives it's just not safe.  So I'll probably run around the yard and come inside to a nice warm fire to thaw out and maybe a shot or two of whiskey.


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