The Importance of Donut Days

Sure, I enjoy cheesecake and ice cream.  I love a cupcake or warm pretzel but what I really love is the donut.  Fresh baked, light and airy, honey dipped goodness.  Sugary treats are good, really good and if I had no will power, they would own me.  Instead I chose to own them.  Once per week. I eat a pretty healthy diet.  Lots of veggies, plenty of venison and fresh caught seafood, healthful fats and once a week is donut day.  Life is meant to be be enjoyed when possible and I make it possible every Friday.  I allow myself to eat as many donuts as I want.  A dozen if the mood strikes me.  Thank God it usually doesn't.  Three seems to do the trick.  I find if I eliminate all that is good, all I want is, what is good (when I say good, I mean BAD).  Allowing myself that treat once a week stems the tide of the sugary shit onslaught and I don't end up hating myself.

It has taken me years to get here.  Oh, you mean moderation is the key???

Chasing Butterflies

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