Seeking the Sun

Every since I was a little girl I have sought the sun. I want to be a beach bum.

To live in flip flops and sundresses.

To feel it heating my skin, the prickle of the burn, the flush of pink skin sprinkled with freckles turning brown with time.

In high school I compiled a list of songs that contained the word sun in them.  Walking on Sunshine and Here Comes the Sun.

I have a sun tattooed in the middle of my back.

I shun sunscreen and feel a chill in the shade.

When Jason joined the Air Force all I could think was being stationed in Florida or California or Hawaii...North Fucking Dakota was it but that is a blog post in itself.

Clothes are constricting and layers suffocate me.  Socks just suck.  How can you have sand between your toes when you have socks on?

February should be deleted from the calendar.  It's short anyway.

Summer is when I feel most alive.

The sun and I are buds.

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