Summer Day

Sitting on the porch I observe the world around me.  It is still with the quietest breath of a breeze which feels cool against my sun warmed skin.  The colors so vivid, the grass a brilliant emerald dotted with white clover, you can almost hear the buzz of the bees harvesting their nectar.  The corn stands six feet tall, a solid wall shortening the vista.  My flower garden seems to breathe with life all it's own.  It is full of blooms and fluttering wings of butterflies and dragon flies.  The humming birds hovering briefly at the feeder before darting off in their never ending chase of one another.  I hear the frogs and crickets singing their background tune with locusts bellowing out their crescendos and the birds twittering their solos.  The scent of the earth with salty river thrown in and sweetened with blossoms.  



I sit in awe of it's beauty.  It's perfect harmony and balance.  Nature does as it does because that is the cycle of life, perfect circles in perfect rhythm no need of us to intervene.  Sophie lies in the grass chewing on her stick of the moment, turning it into mulch.  Hank is sleeping on the garden path pure contentment on his face. Simon lies purring in my lap.  The boys are both home quietly learning to appreciate home and what home means.  At this moment everything is perfect.  Simple and perfect.





Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.