The moonlight danced across the small ripples on the mostly glass like surface of the creek, ripples made from the handful of pebbles I was tossing one by one. There were always small rocks, shells and what not in my pockets, little treasures picked up along the way on most of my adventures. Mom always made sure she checked my pockets before she threw my clothes into the wash, knowing her daughter as well as she did. As I laid back I could feel the dock boards hard against my back, my bare feet, surely filthy dirty were flat on the dock, I briefly thought of the splinter I had gotten earlier in the day and I could still feel the sting where it had punctured my skin.  The air was thick with humidity and the scents of honeysuckle and marsh, a sweet musky smell that enveloped me on that hot August evening.  Only me and my thoughts and the sounds of the frogs singing.  My ears picked up a distant rumble of thunder.  A storm was needed to break the mugginess of the summer night, I hoped it didn't come quick because I was enjoying my reverie.  The clouds hadn't rolled in yet, so I knew there was still time.  Looking at the stars suddenly one shot across the sky, the briefest bright arch calling for a wish.  Perfect, I thought.  You see, I am a dreamer, a wisher upon stars, this is my nature.  As I lay there thinking of my favorite wish, the breeze picked up and I could hear the leaves beginning to rustle.  My stars suddenly became obscured by dark clouds, the edge of the approaching storm highlighted by the moon.  Suddenly, the moon light was extinguished as if someone threw a blanket over it.  A crack of thunder suddenly hit and my heart skipped a beat, I could sense the electricity in the air, even smell it.  One big rain drop landed on my shoulder as I started to sit up, then another landed on my head, it started to rain.  In a blast of light the entire landscape was illuminated, the lightning streaking across the sky looking dangerously close.  I decided it must be time to run inside.  As I ran I could feel the rain drops pelting me, soaking me to the bone, it felt good to run in the rain with the fear of lightning making me shake a little bit.  Fearful and joyful at the same time, if that's at all possible.  I could see my Moms face peering out the window from inside the house, her eyes searching for me in the darkness, waiting for another flash of lightning so she could get a bead on me.  I could tell when she saw me her eyes showing relief, opening the door so I could slip inside, safe from the storm.

Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.