Dear America,


I am watching you and I am very disappointed.  You are lazy, disrespectful and discourteous.  I see you leave your shopping cart in the parking space next to your car or you push it from half way across the lot thinking it will magically go into the corral.  I watch you as you walk dropping receipts out of your purse, you watch them flutter to the ground and don’t bother picking them up.  I see you inadvertently knock a shirt off of the hanger yet you leave it lying on the floor, you may even step.   Is it ok because you believe no one sees these things happen or don’t you care at all that you are leaving a mess for someone else to pick up.  Are you that person that flings fast food garbage out of your car window at the stop sign, or cigarette butts as you ride down the highway?  Do you walk through a door and not bother to hold it for the person one step away?  Or are you the one that walks through the door as I hold it for you, and you don’t even make eye contact to say a quick thanks?  Lack of thought and consideration seems to permeate our society.  We are becoming self centered and mannerless and I think it sucks.  We need to start caring about the space around us.  When you start caring about your surroundings everything gets a little better.  The more people that care the better it gets.  I don’t know why but it just works that way.  Look around to the places that have people that care, they are beautiful.  When people don’t care about their surroundings it starts deteriorating.  It becomes sad and depressed. Another problem America, is if I see it, so do your children.  What are you teaching them?


Be a little spark, go the extra step, on purpose, because I promise it makes that spark grow.  Your smile passes another smile.  Picking up your own trash and maybe one extra leaves no traces.  Hold the door for someone and when someone does the same, thank them.  Being and asshole gets you no further in life, just deeper in shit.  







Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.