Ahhhhhh Spring

I am a summer girl.  I love to feel the sun on my skin, oh hell, I like to feel like I am melting.  Bring on the heat.  So winter is a tough season for me.  I get depressed, my vitamin D levels drop to non-existent and I want to eat everything I see.  When winter first appears I do my best to embrace it, enjoy the change and know we must go through death to get to light.  Well, I now feel spring on the horizon.  Day light savings time happened and now it's time to turn the tide on winter, time to re-bloom, throw open the windows and let winters dreary days fly on out of here.  

I begin each spring with a ritual of sorts, I don't even plan it, it just starts to happen.  

1. I clean.  I dust and vacuum and start making piles.  The piles are the things that are weighing me down.  The things that I no longer want, need or use.  If it doesn't bring me joy or use it goes.

2.  I eat better.  I like to feel good and a couple months of eating crap starts to change how I feel in my body.  I feel heavy and sluggish.  My joints begin to ache and I am lazy.  Eating better always makes me feel better.

3.  I get outside and move.  I like to go on short runs and walks, soak up that sunshine and get photos of the flowers poking through the layers.

Ahhhhhhhh spring.


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