Posing naked for photographs can be a very humbling experience. It has the power to crush you or empower you. Since I am all about empowerment I chose power. The power comes from acceptance of who I am and how I look.


In the Crossfit world there are superior bodies. Young athletes with their bodies sculpted like a marble statue. There is this goal in front of you, this desire to be them. To be as strong, as fit, as lean, to be as young. I have finally accepted that I'm not perfect. That is impossible, perfection can not be a goal. It doesn't exist. Our flaws are what make us real and what I realized is, I like being me.


I like my bald head and my freckles from too much sun. I like the scars I have earned from living in this sharp world. I have also realized that I like being strong, I like being fit, and I don't mind the fluff that covers my muscles. I will continue to eat clean and push my body but I have learned to be comfortable in it. It's mine, it's taken me through 40 fantastic years, it's bore me two beautiful children and it's strong as shit, almost as strong as my will.


What I want is for others to find this in themselves. To find acceptance in their own skin. I want others to treat themselves well and attain the goal of health, not perfection. Comparing ourselves to others only leads to disappointment because we are not each other. We are our own special creatures, each individual unique. Love who you are.




Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.