I stumbled upon this looking through my files and thought I’d share:

 Several years ago I had a friend ask me what I believed.  I came up with this list.

 I believe there is a god, one of pure energy of the highest vibration, not a man in a white robe dealing out punishment

 I believe heaven and hell are both here on this earth and it's choices that put you in either place

 I believe in basic human goodness

 I believe pure evil does exist

 I believe a smile is one of the most wonderful things on earth

 I believe being a parent is the hardest job on earth

 I believe you can have anything you want you just have to want it bad enough

 I believe a persons’ will is their strongest asset

 I believe in having more experiences than stuff

 I believe that unless something is useful, beautiful, or fun there is no sense in having it

 I believe in dreams

 I believe that very few people run this world

 I believe fear is the most effective way to control people

 I believe religion was made exclusively to control people

 I believe nature is the purest essence of what is

 I believe man fucks everything up trying to control nature

 I believe in friends

 I believe in selflessness

 I believe in pure unadulterated sex

 I believe in having the most fun as you possibly can in any situation

 I believe laughter is the best medicine

 I believe exercise is the key to happiness and Crossfit is the most effective

 I believe we are all made for greatness but only certain ones can handle it

 I believe good food is essential

 I believe beer is sacred

 I believe marijuana should be legalized and decriminalized

 I believe ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power

 I believe in cussing

 I believe in taking care of our elderly

 I believe in spontaneity

 I believe in travel

 I believe presents are only worth what thought goes into them

 I believe life is as hard as you make it

 I believe death is only of the body when its use is up

 I believe in souls

 I believe in ghosts(I have seen too many to not believe)

 I believe children are pure when they start out, we just give them our baggage

 I believe that the sunrise and sunset are pictures painted just for us

 I believe the ocean is the balance for the land and you must explore it and its wonders

 I believe that freedom of thought and action is a gift

 I believe that people can be horrible to one another for meaningless shit

 I believe that both the tiniest and largest of creatures all contribute equally

 I believe what you give is what you get

 I believe that that is enough for now........

What do you believe?

Artist, dreamer, lover of life. Former gym owner redefining me.